Saffron Chicken Pasta

This post will conclude my one shot series.  Huzzah, right?!  After this, I will return to tantalizing you with stunning arrays of photographic skill.  Or something like that.  My only hope is that my photos convey as much deliciousness as possible, because I feel badly that I can’t actually share my goodies with you.  Believe me, sharing my baking/cooking is pretty high up there on my things-I-love-to-do list, just below cooing/squealing like a little girl at every movement Izzy makes, but safely above watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother.

 This is by far my favorite shot of Izzy.  Every once in a while we let her do some couch surfing.  It’s a mutually beneficial activity: she gets to roam and explore new territories, and I get to follow her with the camera lens, uninhibited by cage/pen bars.  The only downside is that she might nibble on nearby items.  Like Luke’s book.  At least it wasn’t my computer.


Saffron is amazing.  If it weren’t the most expensive spice on the planet, I’d probably use it a lot more/make paella every week.  Thankfully, I ordered some with my extra meal dollars before leaving Wesleyan, so I didn’t have to feel guilty dropping like $15 for half an ounce in the grocery store.  Well, if you do happen to have some saffron around, (it makes a great gift for cooks and Christmas isn’t too far away….) I would definitely recommend this easy dish.  More braising (yay) though, for the record, I am perfectly comfortable cooking chicken in many ways.  This simple meal throws together easily, with chunks of tender chicken and slivered onions simmered in saffron infused broth served over pasta.  I garnished mine with parsley, since I always have it on hand now that Izzy’s around.


Saffron Chicken Pasta

Adapted from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Makes about 4 medium sizes servings

 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 large or 2 small onions, cut in lengthwise slivers

1 T olive oil
1 tsp. butter (optional, but it adds a lot of flavor)
pinch saffron (about 1/4 tsp. or less)
3/4 cup chicken stock

1/4 cup finely chopped fresh parsley

Trim all visible fat and tendons from chicken breasts and cut in 1/2 strips on the diagonal to make small cutlets.  Peel the onions and cut into lengthwise slivers and chop parsley.

Use a heavy frying pan that has a tight-fitting lid.  Heat the olive oil and butter, then brown the chicken quickly over medium-high heat.  (Don’t let it cook long enough that the outside starts to get hard.  The chicken does not need to be cooked through.)

Remove chicken to a plate, add onion, and brown over very low heat until edges of onion pieces are turning golden, about 12-15 minutes.  Remove browned onions to another plate. Add chicken back to pan, and cover with onions.  Heat chicken stock, add saffron and stir to dissolve, then pour over chicken and onions. Simmer on very low heat with pan covered 30-45 minutes.

Add chopped parsley and a tiny bit of additional water if needed, and simmer 15 minutes more. Serve hot, over pasta or rice.


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